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Young Engineers LEGO Camps

young engineers lego campsLike the rest of Young Engineers’ activities, our summer camps also have added value to enrich your boys and girls.

Young Engineers’ camps revolve around the world of science and engineering. Besides building models of animals, cars, amusement park rides and other wonderful models with LEGO® bricks, we take field trips together in person to examine the real-life versions of the models we build. We visit zoos, candy factories, cars and transportation museums, water parks, amusement parks and many more.

You will also find our unique LEGO® bricks workshops in many of our Young Engineers camps. At these workshops, our specially trained instructors will show the children how to build one of the special Young Engineers’ electric LEGO® models, which the children can play with afterwards.

The camp organizers also select the LEGO® bricks model which will be built by the camp’s children. After the children finish the construction of the model, they will upgrade it and of course play with it.

To coordinate a special LEGO® bricks camp activity for your own camps, or to find out where the nearest Young Engineers camp is, please leave us your details on our Contact Us page.