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Programs and Workshops Testimonials, Middlesex UK

young engineers

“Thank you so much for all your hard work this week! so proud to receive such amazing feedback”.

M. July 2019

“Thanks for inspiring the girls” Seema S. July 2019

“T was so enthused about the water theme last week. He came home asking where our recycling was and then painted some water pictures – complete with a dead fish who had apparently eaten plastic! So he had clearly been paying attention!! Theo can get nervous in new experiences so wasn’t sure about coming to the first session but the fact he asked of his own accord to come back for another class shows how much he enjoyed it and how comfortable he was made to feel so thank you so much for inspiring him!! ”  G.A. August 2019

“K really enjoyed her day today and wants to attend again”  VW August 2019

“Z enjoyed herself thanks for running the club” – JH July 2019

“The kids were buzzing about their day when they got home.  Thank you.” Vanessa, July 2019

“T loved the class last week. Would it be possible to book him in again for this Thursday”. Georgina July 2019

“A and K had a wonderful week with you All. They couldn’t stop showing off their creative art work which were made using recycled materials ☺️ Who’d have thought they could have hours of fun using some imagination! The Lego was ‘so cool’ as  put it. They would love to come back again and are looking forward to the Saturday classes in Sept. ”


All the Best! From the Little Engineers! x M & A July 2019

M & A,, July 2019

“N had a great day yesterday and wants to come along next week.” Priya July 2019



“We would be interested in continuing, I think it’s Mark’s favourite activity. Kind regards”

Anastassia – May 2015


“Leah has always loved Lego and enjoys making the sets by following the instruction booklets.  Up until now, she has never built anything with the Lego using her own ideas, but since starting on the Young Engineers course, she is developing the skills to be able to create structures using the tools she has learnt from the course.

She never even imagined that she could be something as valuable as an architect or designer but with the skills, she is learning she feels that if she wanted to, that could be a career path for her.  The Young Engineers course has brought out skills that none of us knew she had.”

Shannon – February 2015


“Dear Lego club teacher,

I attend the Lego club class on Thursdays after school. He loves coming to your classes and it has really helped him to build his own Lego Creations at home more confidently! Related to this, I would like I to continue in the club till the end of year 2 (summer 2015). Would this be possible?”

Mrs Lall, 24 February 2015


“I have found them excellent in every way, in their personal relations and in the quality of the teaching and learning with the children and I highly recommend them.”

Mrs Liz Day, Head Teacher, 16 Jan 2015


“Both my children have done the Lego course with e2 which they enjoyed, it had a set curriculum so they started off building simple models and each week worked toward more complex ones, and each model had a scientific concept, so, for instance, one model demonstrated centrifugal force. My daughter enjoyed making the models and the science aspect, but it wasn’t something she followed up at home, unlike my son who would. They both loved making things and following instructions, it would have been good if they’d had more time to experiment further with the models during each session, but generally, it’s a great course.”

Nisha, Mum to Amritha (11) and Krishna(8), Watford, 07 Jan 2015


“Many thanks.  I know the children love the club.  Well done!”

Mrs D Panioty, Head’s PA, Reddiford School


“He comes home so excited and it sounds like a great club which is right up his street!”

Nov 2014, North West London Jewish Day school


“Freddie thoroughly enjoys the workshop………… and Vinod is 1st class !”

Nov 2014 – Pinner Methodist open programme


122“Lego Club is a fabulous opportunity to develop the children’s practical, problem-solving and organisational skills! Our children have benefited from the expert tutelage of Daniel, Nikhit and Smita in aspects of Lego model design. I would wholeheartedly recommend the programme to any Primary group.”

Deputy Head Teacher at Oldfield School – October 2014


“Jo. He is really enjoying the club and I look forward to seeing his creations.”

March 2014, North West London Jewish Day School


“Vlad enjoys the class and is always looking forward to the next one. “

Pinner Methodist Programme – September 2014


“Zoe really enjoying the club so far! I am happy for photos to be shared amongst the group”



15“Thank you and your team for the class today “

Seema, Pinner Methodist November 2014


“Thank you so much for today. We all had a wonderful time and the children learnt a lot. I’ll be in touch regarding further workshops and please keep me updated with your plans to hold sessions in this area.”

North Harrow home education workshop – July 2014


“It was good to meet you and your colleagues.  Our 3 children had a fantastic time examining and powering some of your models.”

(Sandown exhibition – July 2014)


“My son attended one of your workshops at Sandown Park and he really enjoyed it. “

July 2014


11Kaushii did learn some valuable knowledge from the workshop.”

active8 learning summer workshop – 2014


“Imani had a good time at the camp as well.”

active8 learning summer workshop – 2014


“Thanks a lot for running  such a wonderful workshop, the boys absolutely loved it.”

February 2014




“Anaya has loved the concept and wants to join for full term”

March 2014 – Pinner Methodist Church


“Thanks so much for a great party. It was amazing to see a room full of 8-year-olds quietly and determinedly getting on with their inventive creations, my son hasn’t stopped talking about the party since!”

Kate, January 2014


“Ryan had a great time at his session and we would be keen on the classes for next term“

Sally, Pinner Methodist Church, January 2014


lego enrichment galilegotech

“All three children enjoyed it very much and thank you for allowing the girls to take part. “

Maxine, January 2014


“He is really loving lego club. He was never really into lego but he loves this club!”

January 2014


“Thanks again for a lovely party. It was very good value! So cool! Thank you! Juliet was thrilled.”

January 2014


“Phil had a great time and really enjoyed the session.”

January 2014


“Yash really REALLY enjoyed lego today… he actually said that he liked being the only one Thank you to Nikhit and you.”

January 2014