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Q. What are the fees?

A. Open enrichment club fees are per term and are based on a rate of £16.00 per session per student. Various discounts are available – please enquire.

For after-school clubs, charges vary as they are determined by the school.

Please contact us directly to discuss fees for workshops and birthday party options.

Q. How many students in each class?

A. Our open sessions are limited to maximum 12 children and for after school clubs, we limit to maximum 16. These smaller group sizes allow our teachers to give each student the individual attention they need to achieve their personal best.

Q. How long do classes run for?

A. The group classes run for 60-75 mins.

Q. What if my child misses a class, can we get a refund?

A. We cannot offer refunds, however, will try and accommodate in another session if possible.

Q. Can my child join any time of the year?

A. Yes

Q. What age can my child start attending Young Engineers classes?

A. We recommend children are aged 6 when they join us. If you are unsure or concerned, please give us a call and we will be more than happy to discuss the suitability for your child.

Q. Are parents allowed to watch the class?

A. Parents are welcome to sit in on the first class. Once the children are comfortable we ask that parents drop off their child and then pick up at the end of class. This helps them to become independent and confident but if you have any concerns or queries about your child’s progress or behaviour, please feel free to call the office or speak to the teacher after class.

Q. How long do I need to enrol my child for?

A. Enrolments are to be made for a minimum period of one term. Students can enrol at any time of the year and can pay pro rata for the remainder of the term. Our curriculum has been designed so that a student can be enrolled for 1 year without repeating the same model.

Q. We have 2 or more children in our family that would like to enrol. Do you offer sibling discounts?

A. Yes. We offer various discounts. Please ask for more information.

Q. My child is a little unsure if they want to attend. Can we try out some classes?

A. Yes. If places are available, we can offer a trial class for your child. If after trying a class your child is happy to continue, you can then proceed with enrolment.

Q. What do I do if my child will be absent?

A. It is useful if you can let us know of absences in advance when possible as it helps us with preparation and also keeping to our timetable rather than waiting for a child that may not arrive.

If you cannot find the answer you need, Please  Contact us

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