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About Young Engineers Middlesex UK

Here at e² Young Engineers Middlesex, we love our job. PLAYING WITH LEGO® BRICKS ALL DAY! 

We are a small team. all passionate about children learning whilst they play as well as of course the wonderful LEGO® BRICK!

We have a core team of four energetic facilitators as well as assistants who help us out at different venues and when we have larger than normal groups to work with to ensure we give quality attention to each child.

Hi, my name is Smita Shah and I am the proprietorAlthough part of a global company, we are also a small family business and everyone gets involved! Here you see me I’m the little one in red in the middle! By my side is my daughter Rhea and my mum with Dad on her left. My son, who also ocassionally helps out is on Rhea’s left side. that e² Young Engineers has to offer. I am by profession a specialist teacher and truly devoted to helping all children achieving their true potential. Having worked for many years with both adults and children with many types of learning challenges, I am so excited and proud to be a part of the amazing concept For years, I have used so many different tools to teach, including the good old LEGO® BRICK but not in the unique way that E² Young Engineers programmes have developed. Every time we deliver a session, I feel invigorated and thrilled to have had the opportunity to share our Lego® kits with the amazing children!

Rhea Shah

My name is Rhea and I have been working with Young Engineers since the beginning. I am currently at university reading Biochemistry. My love of science is the reason I have continued at Young Engineers. Not only does Lego enable children to learn without even realising, it allows them to be creative and use their imaginations. I am passionate about science, and that’s evident in my love for this programme. My job at Young Engineers is to make sure everyone is having fun and has a smile of their face!

Besides my love for science, I enjoy sports, dance and travelling. But…Who doesn’t want to play with Lego all day?